There are over 22,700 megawatts of solar electric capacity in the United States, enough to provide electric power to no less than 4.6 million households.

During the first half of 2015, the solar industry in the US has installed around 135,000 solar power generating systems to almost 784,000 homes and business establishments.

With this growing demand for solar power generation, the costs for installing a system has dropped by as much as 73% compared to prices way back 2006 when it was first implemented.  IT companies in Virginia Beach could make the most out of the technology and take advantage of it to power their networks.

Just imagine the cost savings of solar technology once it is seriously considered by IT consulting companies not just to power their network service infrastructures, but also part of their advocacies for sustainable power.

China follows closely in the heels of the United States in considering solar power generation as an alternative and renewable energy source.

China became the world’s leading supplier of solar energy systems back in 2013, responsible for supplying a large percentage of the world’s solar-harnessing materials and systems.

China was able to generate 7.73 gigawatts of cumulative solar energy in the first six months of 2015 and is currently pushing to increase their generation capacity by 5.3 gigawatts on top of the national target of 17.8 gigawatts.

Benefits of solar energy and why we need to harness it
Solar energy is by far today’s best bet not just as an alternative power source but also promises greater advantages as a renewable source of energy and sustainability.

Unlike costs for harvesting coals for coal-fired power plants, solar power is generally free – all that’s needed is to harness the power of the sun.

  • Solar power is totally renewable and may only get to lose it if the sun expires or stops providing heat and light. The sun is a natural power source that will last indefinitely.
  • Since solar energy is renewable, it does not produce waste or toxic by-products. This is generally safe compared to coal-fired power plants that produce carbon dioxide emissions harmful to the environment and contributes to global warming and climate change.
  • Solar power does not generate noise-pollution since only the rays of the sun are being used to generate solar energy. The rays of the sun are reflected in solar panels thereby no mechanical machinery is needed to harness its power.
  • Solar power is far more affordable compared to fossil fuels.
  • The sun has a rated energy capacity of no less than 173000 terawatts of pure energy that once harnessed, it could allow the earth to do away with coal-fired energy.

Simply put, we can only be thankful for technology in ensuring that we find hope in finding a more sustainable and renewable energy source.