How can IT Solutions overcome the difficulty that is IT Recruiting?

Businesses may form and dissolve, but the importance of employees and workers will forever stay constant. With more and more enterprises emerging every day, there is a huge demand and need for employees. It is imperative that firms with elaborated departments also require IT technicians thus they turn towards IT consulting companies in VA that provide IT staffing services.

IT is a skilled profession with a broad spectrum of specialization under it. Without technical supervision on the IT infrastructure, no business can operate efficiently. Thus, companies, whether small or big, require IT personnel to look after the IT issues and concerns. But since small companies are low on IT budget, they often find it hard to recruit full-fledged IT team. These businesses, experience an increasingly tough time attracting and hiring capable IT professionals for their IT tasks. For such companies, IT solutions and services company that provide IT recruitment services is an apt choice.

There is no denying the fact that there are plenty of talented IT professionals in the IT sector, but not all businesses are capable of affording them. Often, the quest of searching and acquiring IT professionals that can look after the entire IT support ends in failure. The reason could be:

1.As a small business or a start-up firm, you are low on budget to acquire an elaborated IT department that is dedicated to    providing technical support to the company.
2.Low on a budget means inability to keep highly skilled IT talents on a payroll.
3.You rely on a 3rd party agency for IT recruitment, but the process is taking too much time to deliver the appropriate candidate for your business.
4.The internal hiring team is not able to attract and acquire fitting IT candidates.

Although necessary, it is not required that a business should have a big IT department. Most of the IT tasks that eat too much of the IT team’s time can be outsourced to external IT team. In such a case, relying on IT firms that provide managed IT services can be a business’s best option.

Now the question is How an IT Support company solves staffing needs?
Most IT firms nowadays offer an MSP service that also includes affordable IT solutions to IT issues. These firms align their IT approaches with the goals of the businesses in mind thus they are able to offer customized services as per the needs of a company. On the contrary to applying break/fix approach to resolving an IT issue, these firms provide proactive IT solutions. Since IT is getting more complex with new technological advancements, businesses and organizations cannot function well for a very long time. Thus, IT assistance is a must.

These IT firms have proficient and qualified IT professionals who can get right to an issue and resolve it before it escalates into a grave problem. Since they keep a constant check on the network and server, they help in relieving the over-worked internal IT team.


Top reasons to choose Managed Service Providers in 2018.

As per a survey conducted in the year 2018, most small businesses said staying ahead in the world with rapid technological changes is their biggest challenge. 23 percent of SMBs surveyed said money constrains keeps them from maintaining their IT infrastructure updated. For others, security and business productivity was their top most concerns. So what do small business look for in a managed service provider VA?  Let’s find it out in the post.

Access to Newer Technologies
Most small business owners if not all have internal IT staff who is usually over-burdened. Such Network staffing norfolk VA staff is normally not proficient enough to manage critical IT issues. Such companies greatly value highly specialized technical professionals and support team. Besides having an able team of IT professionals at hand to tackle any critical IT breakdown, hiring an IT firm enables them to access latest technologies.

Investing in the managed IT services provider aids small businesses to catch up on the trending technologies like data backup systems and cloud computing and integrate it into their IT infrastructure to facilitate increase productivity.

 ROI/Cost Savings
For small business with usually low operation cost, managed service provider can be beneficial in saving cost. Investing in IT requires a huge budget. There are lot of items to acquire like software, hardware, systems, server set ups. Besides having a huge set up cost, they are costly to maintain as well. Since most SMBs prefer outsourcing their IT needs to cut on their IT costs or free up their employees from handling IT work and focus on their core profession, having an MSP looking after their IT infrastructure can improve their productivity while saving them money.

Enhanced Security
For any business, the security of their business’s data and network is the biggest concern. Since technological device we use can be connected to a business network with relative ease, there is an increased need for stronger network security measures. According to a survey conducted by Microsoft Store’s Small Business Insights Survey, it was reported that 70 percent of small business owners prefer to pay for cyber security support.

Peace of Mind
For any business, reaching to their business goals require peace of mind to concentrate on their core business operations rather focus on IT related issue. Worrying about the IT infrastructure and data security will only distract the management for focusing on their business goals. Most MSPs provide businesses with around the clock network maintenance and server monitoring services. This, it return, frees up a business’s time and focus on generating business profit. Many services provided by managed service providers like RMM and cybersecurity management systems help businesses detect any potential harm or vulnerabilities before they turn into serious threats. Early detection of such harmful threats lets businesses prepare for it and develop a mechanism to avert it in time.

There are a lot of times when a business is too occupied in managing the day to day processing that there is hardly any time to check on the IT ecosystem. Most companies do not even bother to check on the data backup management. Even though most enterprises agree data loss to be the top most IT challenge faced by them, they are not in a position to take adequate measures for it. Here, working with proficient IT professionals can help businesses do away with the fuzz of maintaining deploying cyversecurity policies. Giving them more time to focus on generating revenues.

Management of Computer Services by IT Consultants: How They Do, What They Do?

An IT consultant works on an extremely wide periphery ranging from automation of any set up from calculating the end results of any process. They are basically the architectures of a systematic method to accomplish any task. Hence the work of an
IT consultant is of utmost importance for the fast pace growth of any business.

They work for providing solutions for any technology related issue, the strategic incorporation of advanced technology so that the business can see a measurable competitive development in all the aspects. They build high performing systems to maintain a smooth workflow. IT consultants provide technical expertise and support in multiple areas and have specialization in their fields. The various fields of work as IT consultants are –

1)    Information System Consultant – These are the Specialists who advise on, plan, design and install
information technology systems for their clients. Their scope of expertise typically includes information systems development, systems security, quality assurance planning, and systems auditing.

2)    System Applications Consultant – A System Applications Consultant works for the specific requirements of the clients and provides customized and tailor-made solutions.

3)    Data Management Consultant – Data Management is an administrative process that includes acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing required data to ensure the accessibility, reliability, and timeliness of the data for its users. Only a specialist can do it.

4)    Networking and Hardware Consultant – A specialist who establishes the network of systems in an office along with the maintenance of physical devices like switches, hubs, gateways etc.

Each of these or any one of these consultants work for the specific need of the business. Though even till date many small businesses still remain perplexed to choose among the following options –

1)    In-house IT support – It includes hiring the services of an expert or to purchase an application which could meet the requirements of the business. Although as mentioned above, for getting specific solution a specific expert is required and hence this is a bit restrictive in approach.

2)    Outsourcing of IT services – This is an intelligent option for big businesses as systematic managed computer services can be tailored and procured yet it is a bit affluent option for small business because of its too heavy charges.

3)    Managed IT services – This option is considered to be one of the most cost-effective and appealing choices among small business owners in the current competitive world. On payment of a flat rate monthly fee, business owners and IT managers can now purchase pro-active monitoring and maintenance of servers, desktops, and remote machines being used by their company. This method is picking up over all the above-mentioned choices.

The above listed managed computer services are provided by the IT consultants on the payment of a meager amount which is worth it considering its multiple advantages.


What are the Necessities for Choosing IT Company?

Is choosing an IT company to manage and assist with all of your IT needs at the office or home a difficult decision? As there are many different IT consultancy in Virginia to choose from, selecting one you would like to work with may be a bit difficult. Below are important factors to consider when selecting a probable candidate.


Price is the most determining factor to be considered while selecting an IT company. However, it should not be the conclusive one. Bouncing upon the most-low priced deal may not always be the best option, especially if you rely on IT for your day-to-day business activity. It is important to think about what would work best for your company or family. Most IT Companies can give you a rough estimate on how long the job will take and the pricing. However, with technology things can go wrong so the estimation is not always 100% accurate.

IT consultancy in Virginia all have different pricing models, so it is extremely important to identify if it is a good fit for your business or home. Pricing should be transparent and honest. If a business is unable to provide you with a confident or solid pricing structure, it might be a sign that something isn’t right


An IT company is not always the “IT” company. Subsequent to price, it is important to investigate a company’s specialty or area of expertise. Choose a company that specializes in your system and can confidently support the areas of interest for you. You would never look for a plumber to install an electrical point, so don’t look for a Windows-based IT company


As with any business, customer satisfaction is a pivotal part of a business. How do you know if the IT Company you are thinking of hiring is highly rated by current and previous customers? When looking for a place to have dinner, most people will Google or Facebook a restaurant to see what others have to say. This is not just limited to restaurants, but any business – including IT Companies.


When your IT system goes down due to a technical fault, you want to ensure that your IT Company can act swiftly to get you back up and running. When your company relies on technology, any downtime can mean a loss of income. Before choosing an IT company, ask which communication and assistance methods they offer. This can be done in the way of remote support, onsite support, phone support or email support. Can you speak to someone about the issue or do you need to log a ticket first? You’ll find that, like in price and technical specializations, all top IT companies are not equal and offer different types of support and availability.


The Solar Revolution- How Technology Made It Possible

There are over 22,700 megawatts of solar electric capacity in the United States, enough to provide electric power to no less than 4.6 million households.

During the first half of 2015, the solar industry in the US has installed around 135,000 solar power generating systems to almost 784,000 homes and business establishments.

With this growing demand for solar power generation, the costs for installing a system has dropped by as much as 73% compared to prices way back 2006 when it was first implemented.  IT companies in Virginia Beach could make the most out of the technology and take advantage of it to power their networks.

Just imagine the cost savings of solar technology once it is seriously considered by IT consulting companies not just to power their network service infrastructures, but also part of their advocacies for sustainable power.

China follows closely in the heels of the United States in considering solar power generation as an alternative and renewable energy source.

China became the world’s leading supplier of solar energy systems back in 2013, responsible for supplying a large percentage of the world’s solar-harnessing materials and systems.

China was able to generate 7.73 gigawatts of cumulative solar energy in the first six months of 2015 and is currently pushing to increase their generation capacity by 5.3 gigawatts on top of the national target of 17.8 gigawatts.

Benefits of solar energy and why we need to harness it
Solar energy is by far today’s best bet not just as an alternative power source but also promises greater advantages as a renewable source of energy and sustainability.

Unlike costs for harvesting coals for coal-fired power plants, solar power is generally free – all that’s needed is to harness the power of the sun.

  • Solar power is totally renewable and may only get to lose it if the sun expires or stops providing heat and light. The sun is a natural power source that will last indefinitely.
  • Since solar energy is renewable, it does not produce waste or toxic by-products. This is generally safe compared to coal-fired power plants that produce carbon dioxide emissions harmful to the environment and contributes to global warming and climate change.
  • Solar power does not generate noise-pollution since only the rays of the sun are being used to generate solar energy. The rays of the sun are reflected in solar panels thereby no mechanical machinery is needed to harness its power.
  • Solar power is far more affordable compared to fossil fuels.
  • The sun has a rated energy capacity of no less than 173000 terawatts of pure energy that once harnessed, it could allow the earth to do away with coal-fired energy.

Simply put, we can only be thankful for technology in ensuring that we find hope in finding a more sustainable and renewable energy source. Read More